Blue Eye Samurai Episode 1: Blue Eye Samurai story is set in the Edo period and after the year 1633. In the year 1633, Japan closed its doors to foreigners, and those born of mixed race faced discrimination from society, as people called them monsters. We see Mizu, a female mixed-race Blue Eye child; some children bully her as she is an orphan. She ran away from them and went to the mountain, and the children also followed her.

They asked her to jump from the mountain as it would be very easy for her to die. She fought back but lost. One child tried to kill her, but his plan failed as a meteorite dropped on that mountain. All of them left that place, but Mizu stayed there. She saw a sword maker trying to take that meteorite. The meteorite was very heavy, so Mizu helped him. The sword maker is blind, but he is very popular among the Samurai, and everyone calls him Master Eiji. Mizu goes to his home, stays there, and helps the sword maker.

A lot of Samurai take swords from Master Eiji, and they also try their moves while handling the sword to see if it’s a great fit for them. Mizu saw them and started practicing their moves. Master Eiji heard the sound of the sword, so he asked her what she was doing with the sword. Mizu wants revenge on four white people as she believes one of them is her father. Her father left her mother, and she was born as an orphan. Now Mizu is an adult and tells Master Eiji that she is ready for revenge. Master Eiji tells her to stop, as it can kill her, and he doesn’t want her to die. When leaving, she took the blade made from that meteorite. The meteorite was very hard, and it took years to forge.

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Mizu goes to a restaurant where she saw a man with a French gun. The man’s name is Hachi, who is famous for selling people. She asks him where he got that gun; he insists, so Mizu cuts her two fingers. Hachi tells her that he got the gun from Heiji Shindo. Hachi saw her eyes and called her a monster, so she cut two more fingers. The restaurant owner’s son, Ringo, got influenced by seeing her blade skill. Ringo is disabled as he doesn’t have two hands. He is comfortable with it and always tries his best. He asks Mizu to make him her apprentice. She doesn’t want him, so she ties him to a tree.

She goes to Kyoto city to find Heiji Shindo. She asks some people about the Shindo Dojo; they were from the Shindo Dojo but they gave her the wrong address. She goes to a whorehouse, thinking it’s a Dojo. Ringo also followed her there, and Mizu saw him. She pays the prostitutes and asks them to keep Ringo for three nights. The prostitutes give her the address of Shindo Dojo. While going there, she sees Princess Akemi.

Akemi is going to her father’s place, where she asks him to marry her with someone who is from the same place as her and brave like her father. Akemi’s father tells her that he knows someone like that, and his name is Taigen. Akemi was happy as Taigen and Akemi are already in love. Now, his father also accepts their relationship. Taigen is from a poor fisherman family but a very good Samurai. He is undefeated till now, and no one has beaten him.

Mizu goes to Shindo Dojo and asks them that she wants to meet the head of Shindo Dojo to give him a message. The Dojo people can’t let any messenger talk with the Master. But Mizu insists, so they start fighting. The Shindo Dojo students know Shindo-Ryun technique, which is a powerful sword technique. Mizu beats all Shindo Dojo’s students, and lastly, she fights with Taigen.

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Taigen is actually that bully who tried to kill Mizu in childhood. Taigen hasn’t changed yet, and all his love with Akemi is fake as he wants the money. Mizu also beats him, and at last, the head of Shindo Dojo talks with her. Mizu asks him where his brother Heiji Shindo is. He tells her that he is on an island protected by a powerful Samurai clan. Mizu then leaves the place.

The Dojo Master talks with his brother Heiji and tells him that he was powerful and beat all his students, Hachi also tells him that he has Blue Eyes. They send The Four Fangs after Mizu. The reason they were thinking of Mizu as a man, as she never revealed her gender to anyone. You can also say that her body also hides her gender; she looks manly.

Mizu then goes to a waterfall and bathes there; she then hears someone coming there. It was Ringo, and he saw her naked.

How Mizu Knew Where To Find Heiji Shindo?

Mizu stayed with Master Eiji, who used to make blades for Samurai. He always asked the Samurai to use all their techniques so that he could see if it was a good fit for them. One of the swordsmen knows the Shindo-Ryun technique, which is only known by the Shindo Dojo students. When Mizu heard about Heiji Shindo, she remembered the Shindo-Ryun technique, and only Shindo Dojo students can learn it.

Mizu saw the technique in her childhood and practiced it every day; that’s how she beat all those Shindo Dojo clan students and even Taigen.

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