BloodHounds Episode 6 Recap And Ending Explained

BloodHounds Episode 6: Episode 6 begins with Myeong-gil torturing Min-beam and asking him about the car and Du-Yeong. He gives him 5 hours to find him; otherwise, he says he will leak the video of him where he was naked, which would ruin his and his family’s reputation. So, he immediately goes to the police station and starts finding out about them.

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On the way back to the shop, Du-yeong tells Gun-woo and their friends that if Myeong-gil is able to make his plan of opening the casino successful, it will destroy the whole of Korea. He will lend money to the drug lords and people who will destroy it. President Choi promises the kids that if they are able to make their plan successful, he will send them on a holiday to Rome.

Myeong-gil prepares for the fight and collects all his men with knives and vests. Meanwhile, at Choi’s house, they are celebrating their small victory. Woo-jin passes out after a few drinks, and after that, Du-Yeong also tells them that his wife is pregnant and he also wants to go home, so he leaves as well. Later, President Choi tells them that Hyeon-jo’s parents were also tortured and killed by Myeong-gil, leaving her an orphan at a very early age.

The Ending

Myeong-gil and his gang find the address of Du-yeong’s shop, and there they come to know that President Choi is unable to walk and is in a wheelchair. So, the next morning they attack Du-yeong’s house, but he still fights them to save his wife. Meyong-gil tells them that he will not kill his wife if he tells them the address of Yang-Jung, but he lies to them. Still, he kills Du-yeong and his wife, while the others are having breakfast at President Choi’s home, unaware of what happened.

Yang-Jung goes to the restaurant, but he does not know that Myeong-gil is waiting there for him. Myeong-gil also manages to kill him. Then they go to President Choi’s house, and at that time only Woo-jin and President Choi are there.

They stab Woo-jin, and when Choi goes to the basement to pick up his gun, he is beaten by Beom, but Beom leaves him alive because Myeong-Gil wants to kill him. Gun-woo and Hyeon-jo reach there and see that the house is on fire.

They go to the basement and find President Choi dead. Next, they go to Woo-jin and find out that he is still breathing, so he is taken to the hospital, where the doctor says that they are out of blood due to COVID and he is bleeding so much.

The episode ends here.


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