Bloodhounds Episode 1 : The episode begins in December 2020, during a time when the Covid pandemic is new to everyone. A guy is practicing his boxing in a gym. Next, we cut to the news screens where there is news that an under-construction building is now in danger because the workers on it are found suffering from Covid.

So, the construction is stopped for now. In a meeting of the investors of the company, they are now in debt to the investors who have invested in the company. Next, we are introduced to Kim Myung Gil, who is a loan shark and offers to help the company in exchange for a bar to be made on the top floor of the building.

Now, we cut to a boxing tournament where the final is between Kim Geon Woo and Hong Woo Jin. Kim Geon wins the trophy, and after the fight, he offers to have lunch with Hong as everyone is going through bad times in the pandemic.

They have lunch together and get to know each other. We learn that Hong Woo’s father was a boxer and won an Olympic bronze for his country. Next, we learn that they both have served in the Korean forces, with Kim being a senior officer to Geon. They become friends after that and exchange numbers.

The Ending

On the other hand, every shopkeeper is going through a bad phase as there are fewer sales but the rent remains the same, including Kim’s mother. The next day, when Kim goes to the gym to practice boxing, he finds it closed. Upon asking the reason, he finds out that one member was found Covid positive.

On the way home, he encounters Cha Hyeon Joo, who is running after hitting a poor guy, but Kim is not able to stop her, and she escapes. Kim Myung’s company, Big Smile, is taking signatures from every shopkeeper, promising to help them pay their loans with the lowest interest rate. Everyone signs their documents, including Kim’s mother, but it was their trick to put them in more debt. Now, every shopkeeper is in debt of almost 10 crores to Big Smile.

They come to recover the money from Kim’s mother and start breaking the café. Kim comes to rescue her but is beaten by Gil’s bodyguards. In the end, Gil asks him to work for him, but he denies it, so Gil marks his face with a knife, and the episode ends.



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