Beom-Seok In Physical 100: Another entry from the Netflix original Korean Survival show is Beom Seok, Here we are going to tell you about Instagram and some more details about the character.

Who is Hong Beom-Seok in Physical 100?

Physical 100 is a type of reality show where 100 Fit People from South Korea have to compete in a nail-biting competition where they have to play challenging games that gonna push their physical power. Physical 100 is created by Jang Ho gi, and it’s now streaming on Netflix.

Who is Hong Beom-Seok in Netflix’s Physical 100?

Hong Beom-Seok is one of the contestants on Netflix’s Physical 100. He’s been in the Special Forces for 11 Years. Hong Beom-Seok is the first Korean to win the World Firefighters Game in 2018.

Hong Beom-Seok won the World Firefighters Game and got the title of Toughest Firefighters Alive, He competed with 150 Firefighters to win the title.



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