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Ma Sun-Ho in Physical 100 | Netflix | Instagram, Age

Ma Sun-Ho in Physical 100: Netflix’s newly released show Physical 100 is now available to watch on Netflix, The 3rd Contestant from the show is Ma Sun-Ho, here are details about their Instagram Handle and some other info about Ma Sun-Ho.

Physical 100, a Netflix reality show, is now streaming on Netflix. Regardless of Gender, Cast and Race, the 100 Fittest contestants in South Korea have to compete in the most challenging physical competition. Only one of them can win the cash and the honor of becoming the fittest of all.

Who is Ma Sun-Ho in Netflix’s Physical 100?

Ma Sun-Ho is a natural bodybuilder in South Korea, He won multiple Domestic Bodybuilding championships in South Korea. There is not much about Ma Sun-Ho available on the Internet, but there is a Video of him doing squats available on YouTube.



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