Ayakashi Triangle Anime Episode 1: One of the Most loved Anime series Ayakashi Triangle is now available to watch on the Platform, I Just finished episode 1, and here goes the recap, Summary and Ending Explained for Episode 1.

The show starts with Suzu Eating some Delicious Ice Cream in the Park and there an Ayakashi following her, When Ayakashi named Shirogane found that there is no one around, he turned into a Cute Cat and then goes to Suzu, Suzu falls into Trap and found that Cat really Cute and she wants to take her Home.

In all between these Matsuri Kazamaki, The Childhood Friend of Suzu, who is an Exossist Ninja, Get to know that there is Demon Hiding behind that Cute CAT, so he decided to take him away from Suzu and starts fighting with Ayakashi.

Ayakashi was very intelligent and he starts acting like an Innocent Pet thus Suzu Scolds Matsuri and aksed to him to stay away from the CAT, Matsuri again tried to get the CAT away from Suzu, but Suzu Kicked him and took the CAT away, returns home, Matsuri fight with a Human Faced spider who was creating trouble in the traffic system of City.

When Matsuri reaches home, He told the whole story to His Grandfather, His Grandfather was shocked to know the whole incident and he said that Suzu is in danger, That Ayakashi is the most powerful demon and he can change their face and body, You have to go to Suzu and save her as soon as possible, Grandfather also give some of his old Powers and a Powerful Strap that is going to help Matsuri while fighting.

On the other hand, Suzu is all alone with the CAT and now after some time Ayakashi turns into a Monster and he said, he wants to Kill and eat Suzu, Suzu soon realises that she had done a big mistake by not following the instructions of Matsuri, As soon as Ayakashi was going to eat Suzu, Matsuri arrives there and starts fighting with Ayakashi.

After a Huge and intense fight, Matsuri finally manages to trap Ayakashi in the Strap which was Given by his Grandfather, Still, Ayakashi has some power and he uses this Gender Switch Power and transforms Matsuri into a Girl.

Suzu was shocked to see that Matsuri is transformed into the Girl, she starts crying but then Matsuri replied that he is still inside the body of that Girl and Episode 1 Ends here.



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