Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Anime Episode 1 : The Plot of the Anime show revolves around Shiraishi who is a High School boy in Haruka North High School, He aspires to be a loving guy and have Normal life, but the biggest issue with him is his presence, everyone fails to Notice Him and that’s why he got neglected everywhere, Even in the Class, No one Notices him, Not even his Teacher or his Friends.

Shiraishi is used to it and one day something happens that Shiraishi has never expected, a classmate from his Class talks to him and Notices him, A Girl Named Kubo San starts Noticing him and starts talking with him, Kubo San Aks Shiraishi to Stand up on the Bench on One leg so that everyone can Notice him and exactly same happens, Teacher and every other student Notices him.

The very next day, when the Teacher was asking a question Kubo San named Shiraishi to answer and she also helps him in that and Again, Shiraishi got noticed in the Classroom, Very Next evening, Kubo San Saw Shiraishi in Park and she tries to get close to him, They took the selfie together and there they Exchange their Pine Contact.

When Shiraishi reached home, He thought that Kubo San is never going to Text her, The Pine Contact exchange was Just for Photo sharing but all of sudden his Phone beeped and it was Kubo San Message on his Phone, Kubo San asked that ‘they should meet more often’ and then after taking some time and thinking a lot Shiraishi replied ‘Alright’ and the Episode 1 Ends Here.



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