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Why ‘Spider’ Was Helping Quaritch & Why He Saves Him? | Avatar The Way Of Water

You have landed here which means you have Just finished watching the James Camron Visual Masterpiece Avatar 2 aka Avatar The Way Of Water, Now one of the biggest questions after the ending of the film is, Why is the spider helping Quaritch, and why he saves him at the end of the film.

Now it is all up to the viewers but there are 2-3 Theories in our Mind that we are going to tell you that fit the Story, Here go some of the Possible Theories, why Spider was helping Quaritch, and Why did he save him?

One of the biggest and the most common reasons why Spider saves Quaritch was the relationship between them, it is almost confirmed now that Spider was the biological Son of Quartich and they both have feelings for themselves and thus Spider decided to save his father.

The second theory is slightly out of the Box and it may sounds blunder to many, As per our second theory, ‘Spider’ May be turned out to be the Villain in Avatar 3, When Spider was caught, there may be some serious conversation happened between Quaritch and Spider and somehow Quaritch manages to change the mind of Spider and from there Spider starts helping his father and at the end he also saves him.

Now many of you may ask why he chooses to stay with Jack Sullay, Well this may the Part of their Plan, to know the next move and location of Jack.

Well, these were the two Possible theories for the answer of the question Why ‘Spider’ Was Helping Quaritch?, what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.




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