Asur Season 2 Episode 3: Episode 3 of the show starts with a shocking sequence where we get to see the story 12 years back, where Shubh kills 22 people in the Aashram. The story now shifts to the present, where Nikhil’s team found a new body at the coordinates. Here, Ishani again doubts that Rasool has something to do with Lolark’s murder.

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In the next sequence, we get to see that ATF is taking over the ‘Asur’ case. There is an argument between Kesav and the ATF Chief, and they take over the case. Now they are shifted to a new base. On the other hand, DJ is still investigating the case, and he gets the name ‘Vrinda Srivastav,’ who was with Shubh 12 years back and is currently in Delhi.

Upon meeting Vrinda, DJ gets to see that she is blind and she had never seen Shubh. DJ tells everything about Shubh to Vrinda, and she gets devastated after that. Ishani breaks into Rasool’s house to gather some information, and there she finds a Pendrive. When she was coming back from his house, Rasool catches her on the stairs and asks her for tea. Ishani goes back to the house again, and this time she finds some sketches.

DJ and Naina find another clue that Shubh is going to attack ‘Ashwini Nakshatra,’ which is just 1 week ahead today. Naina asks DJ to tell this to ATF, but he disagrees and decides to investigate this on his own. Ishani, on the other hand, follows Rasool, and she is attacked by some masked man. ATF chases Kesav to arrest him, but somehow Kesav is kidnapped by DJ. In the last few minutes of the show, we get to see Ishani tied with a rope by some lady, and the episode ends here.

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The episodes are getting full of twists and turns now. ATF is investigating the case, and on the other hand, DJ and Naina are also working on the same. It will be interesting to see who solves the case first and who will find the killer. In the upcoming episode, it will also be interesting to see whether ATF or DJ will be able to save the city from the ‘Ashwini Nakshatra attack or not.



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