Asur Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: Episode 1 of Season 2 starts with a small recap of Season 1. The episode now shifts again to around 18 years back, and we get to see that Shubh is telling a story to 3-4 people. After the story, he kills one person, Jagdish, by beating him with a bamboo. We also see that the remaining two men are completely under Shubh’s control, and they do the same thing he asks them to do.

The story now shifts to the present, where we see a protest to release Kesar Bhardwaj, who was arrested in Season 1. The court grants 7 days of prison to Kesar and asks the CBI to provide some strong evidence. The story then shifts to Himachal Pradesh, where we see DJ in a Jain Temple. Naina calls Nushrat and asks about Nikhil, but Naina says that she is also not in touch with him. On the other hand, we see that Nikhil is filled with huge regret and he tries to kill himself, but somehow Nushrat saves him.

Ishani Choudhary, a new cop, is appointed in the case, and she wants to handle the case in her own way. Ishani suspects Swati and Rasool. She asks to investigate Naina, but due to her current situation, Ishani’s higher officers ask her to be polite with Naina. On the other hand, Nikhil gets some coordinates, and when they reach there with the police, they find another body, and the case continues.

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In another frame, we get to see that some hackers from Bangladesh are planning an attack on CBI servers. They want to erase the data. We also see the same team talking with Rasool.

DJ receives a parcel where someone is planning something big. During the postmortem, Nikhil and Nushrat find a watch that shows the time as 9:05. Nikhil and Nushrat try to find a clue about the time from Kesar, and they discover a Rudraksha in the watch. They learn that Shubh is planning three attacks simultaneously today in the city.

Nikhil and Nushrat obtain the location details from the body of the dead man found last night. Shubh is planning to attack Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. The servers are attacked by hackers at 9 PM sharp, and we see a video announcement from ‘ASUR’ on every device. He states that he is going to kill three people in the next few minutes and will also broadcast their deaths live. As promised, three people have panic attacks after 10 minutes and die on live camera in front of everyone. DJ also watches everything live and gets back to the case again. The episode ends with a shadow-like image of Shubh.

The first episode looks good. There are some slow-paced moments, but overall, the pace of the show is good, and it will be interesting to watch the upcoming episode.



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