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Asur Season 2 Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained

Asur Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: The story again goes into the Flashback. Episode 2 of the show starts in Haridwar where we get to see that Shubh (In Childhood) is debating with an old Man and he won that debate. He was invited by old Wise to be living with him and he gave him a new name ‘Sarvanand’.

Ishita on the other hand, still suspects Rasool and She is now tapping the Phone of ‘Rasool’ as she thinks something is fishy in him. DJ and Naina get the location of Swati and when they try to interrogate her they get nothing, at the end DJ gets a call from Shubh Challenging him, and then DJ Kills Swati.

The story now shifts to the Present where those 3 Murders are the talk of the town. Nikhil and Nushrat are investigating the case. They came to the conclusion that they all were using Pacemaker and that may be the reason behind their death. Pacemakers were hacked and then controlled by Shubh and then he Killed them. DJ and Naina are now investigating the case again and DJ decided to go to Varanasi to get to know more about the Past of Shubh. Nikhil and Naina get some clues about the Killer and they a Blurred video of the Suspected Killer.

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Nikhil and his team are now also looking for Swati’s Killer, Nikhil thinks that this is not Shubh’s work, Someone else has Killed her. Naina and Nikhil get into arguments once again over Swati and their Daughter. Dj is looking into the old files of SHUB when he flew away from Jail with three of his friends, Naina is also helping him into the same. Dj Suspects that Shubh and his three friends run away from Jail dressed as firefighters and they dig deeper into the case. Upon investigation, they came to know about a firefighter Santosh Munda who helped Shubh and his three friends to run away from Jail.

On the other hand, Nikhil and his team found the man who was at the murder spot where one of the three-person died. In the last few minutes of the episode, we get to see that Nikhil and his team get the new coordinates and Dj becomes clueless again. Now upcoming episodes are going to be more exciting and it will be interesting to see how the show goes.


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