What Happened To Vrinda In ‘Asur 2’ : Asur 2: The Much-Anticipated Show of this Year. No one expected that Asur 2 would come this year. Jio Cinema surprised us with Asur 2. Many audiences are confused regarding the ending of Asur 2, so here we are to cover everything about Asur 2. If you haven’t seen Asur 2 yet, avoid this article because it contains spoilers.

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Asur 2 is a spine-chilling show. Everyone was curious when suddenly the scene shifted to the mandir where Anant’s pooja was going on, and DJ comes to know that there is an ultrasonic bomb in the speakers. The same bomb was present at the science exhibition where Shubh had done extensive research.

He had already warned DJ that he would kill non-believers and believers. The AI, which was created by Shubh, had more than a 90% probability that his attack would be successful. Nikhil and Nusrat reached Shubh’s den, where he was operating in a remote area. Naina successfully hacked into Shubh’s server, and Nikhil also found the turn-off switch of the Mayastra, the ultrasonic bomb.

Asur Season 2 Episode 3
Asur Season 2

Awasthi from CBI ordered Nikhil to turn off the abort switch, but DJ totally rejected it and said to wait for ten seconds because no one is going to die before ten seconds when the bomb is turned on. Everyone’s ears started paining because of the ultrasonic sounds. No one was able to survive that sound because it made people brain-dead after ten seconds. DJ started searching for Shubh in the whole crowd and found him.

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He fired a bullet at him because DJ didn’t want to waste this chance of catching Shubh. After firing the bullet, DJ told Nikhil to abort, and CBI saved everyone. At the same time, DJ went to Shubh, who was injured. DJ said, “Kya Kehta Hai Tu? Maut Mukti Hai Toh Mai Tujhe Mukti Kyun Du?” After that scene, we witnessed a scene one month later where Naina and Nikhil are getting divorced, and Nikhil goes to jail to meet Shubh.

While talking to each other, Nikhil shakes his hand with Shubh and says, “Rhea Ko Sorry Bolna” (Say Sorry To Rhea). Nikhil had used a skin glove with a type of chemical on his hand, and after the handshake, Shubh dies in jail. DJ says, “I have to meet someone,” so he arrives at Vrinda’s house and sees that Vrinda is not at home.

Shubh already said that Kali Anant Hai (Kali Is Forever, Kali Is Not Going To Die). You can see there are multiple references to the Infinity Loop that indicate the loop will go on forever. Shubh said, “Kali Ek Shareer Se Dusre Shareer Mei Prastav Kar Chuka Tha” (Kali Already Entered In Someone Else’s Body), and we can see the sketches of the demon that were drawn by Vrinda.

Is Vrinda Going To Be the Next Asur?

After witnessing the climax, we come to know that there is a high chance Vrinda, played by Barkha Sen Gupta, is going to be the next Asur. But the director is a mastermind; anything can happen. In this season, we witnessed the dark side of Nusrat and Nikhil too because they both have committed a sin.

Is Vrinda Blind for Real?

If Vrinda is blind for real, then how come she drew perfect sketches and sculptures? Probably that was a part of Shubh’s plan because SHUBH KNEW that DJ would go to Vrinda, and she was doing drama in front of DJ.



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