‘School Of Lies’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: The first episodes of the show were interesting and from there, the show is going down and down. We are talking about the Hotstar original show ‘School Of Lies’ which is available to watch on Hotstar. We have covered the Recap and ending of Episode 1 and Episode 2 and here goes the Recap and ending of Episode 3 of the show.

The third episode of the show starts in a morgue where Trisha is called to identify the body of a small child who was found dead. Trisha confirms that the body is not Shakti’s. She also informs the press about it, which angers the investigative officer. We also see that the bond between Teacher Sam and Vikram is not going well, and it seems like Sam is stopping him from doing certain things.

Nandita then calls Vikram for questioning, and he tells her about his relationship with Sam. Meanwhile, Vikram meets with his mom, and they have a fight.

During the investigation, the police raid a house and find a couple with kidnapped kids in the house. The kids have their mouths and hands tied, and they were kept in a secret room in the house.

In the last few minutes of Episode 3, we again see Shakti talking with that guy, and they are discussing some monk and other things.

The third episode is the worst among all the episodes so far. The show is becoming slow and dull, and a large part of the show and sequences make no sense at all. Hopefully, the series will bring some thrill and more interesting content in the upcoming episodes.



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