Netflix’s Recently Released Documentary Series I am a stalker New episode Extreme Best Friends Features, How James Corpus Behaviour Landed Him To Jail Because Of Stalking A Friend Ashley Manfre. as soon as they became friends James Started Stealing From Her And Tried To Contact Her Repeatedly Against Her Wish.

In the end, Authorities Got Involved And He Ended Up In Jail.

Where Is Ashley Manfre Today?

She Told Everything In The Show What Happened With Her, Ashley mentioned At the show That It Still Feels Like Anyone Is Watching Her, At One Point Ashley Called Police And Police Searched for Everything But They Found Nothing.

Today Ashley Manfre Is Getting Better And Improving, She Lives In Dyer Indiana, and she Has An Associate’s Degree In Business Administration And Management She’s A Successful Entrepreneur In Her Life.

She works in the Wellness and Fitness Industry Also, She is a loving mother to her son.



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