Are Matt and Khani Still Together?: Netflix always knows for its box stories and documentaries one such romantic documentary is now streaming on Netflix. For those who don’t know the story is about Khani Le and Matt Robertson’s relationship who met through an online dating app, their first date was in an Indian restaurant and but for their third date, they decided to fly to Costa Rica and make this date special.

But due to COVID-19 the resort where they are staying in Costa Rica got shut and all the flights got canceled, now the couples are not left with any option but to stay there, they stay there for almost 79 days.

Matt was 34 years old then and Khani was 32 years old, they got stuck in Costa Rica because there is no flight to book so they switched between multiple Airbnb as you can see in the documentary. Finally, after 3 months, they returned home by a government flight, but none of them has confirmed their relationship status then.

Where Are They Now?

At the end of the documentary we see that they move together after 1 month of returning from Costa Rica, they also meet each other parents, they also celebrated their one-year anniversary 8 years ago, as of now the couple are living together happily they are also seen in the latest Instagram post by the documentary producer which says having dinner with the couple, so they are living together and also has a dog named Banks.



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