Who Is Andrew Callaghan?: HBO has released its newest documentary and given the time for its release, it might be the best time to release it. “This Place Rules” showcases the events that led to the January 6th, 2021 riots on Capitol Hill from the perspective of Andrew Callaghan who also serves as the presenter and director of the documentary. If you’re curious about who he is, you’re at the right place.

Andrew Callaghan is the director of this beautiful, messy documentary that you’re about to watch or probably have already watched. He first came into the limelight while he was working as a doorman at Bourbon Street he started to interview people about their deepest darkest secrets at 2:00 AM and posted them on Instagram the next morning and those videos started to go viral.

After his graduation, he moved into an RV and started going all over the world attending different conventions, conspiracy rallies, and music festivals. In 2020, he started to cover serious topics like pandemic coverage, looting coverage, and anti-lockdown rallies.

His YouTube series “All Gas No Brakes” is the one where he used to interview people while he was driving around the country in his RV. However, he left the series in March 2021 after some disagreements and started his own YouTube a month later called “Channel 5”.

He apparently got infected with COVID-19 while covering all the rallies during the shooting of the documentary. Andrew had interviewed some of the big right-wing influencers like Alex Jones in his interviews and he also does in this documentary as well.



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