Amelia in ‘The Surrogate Scandal’: Amelia is the main lead in the movie whose daughter went missing one day after calling her and she also told her that she is pregnant after doing research she finds out that Grace the host of a famous cooking show is somehow connected with her daughter’s disappearance will she be able to find the truth behind this, what will happen next to know this you can watch the movie streaming now on Lifetime.

In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actress who played the role of Amelia in the movie.

Who Played Amelia in ‘The Surrogate Scandal’?

American actress Catherine Dyer played the role of Amelia in the latest Crime Thriller movie.

Who is Catherine Dyer?

She is an American actress, producer, and writer she is very famous for her good acting skills some of her works are The Devil to Pay (2019) Active Shooter (2020) Road Kill (1999), and many more.

In 2023 you can see her in the latest Lifetime Crime Thriller movie ‘The Surrogate Scandal’.



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