The Surrogate Scandal Movie Summary & Ending Explained: The Surrogate Scandal movie is now available on Lifetime in the English language with English Subtitles.

in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

Recap & Summary

The movie starts with Beth packing her back and calling her mother Amelia, but her mother didn’t answer because she is busy watching a cooking show on TV, however, she answered the call and Beth told her she is coming over and told her that she is pregnant, which surprised her as she does not know that Beth is dating someone.

Beth told her mom that it is complicated to tell her now about how this happened and as soon as she cuts the phone she went missing, Now Coming to the cooking show host Grace Hardy who was also pregnant and had a baby girl does a cooking show with her baby girl she does cooking tutorials with her baby girl and is managed by Molly her sister and Alex her husband,

Amelia hires an agent to know more about her daughter, who told her that Hardy hired Beth to have their baby and there are some complications and Beth dies after that.
So she started following her and started tracking her activity, as soon as Grace’s news of fake pregnancy came up, her husband and sister has to do a PR meeting for damage control, but they are thinking again to bring her back to the show.

Meanwhile, an angry fan attacked Grace in the parking lot, but she was rescued by Amelia, she later told her that she is there for the nanny interview and somehow cracked the interview.

The next day Grace shows her the house the house is fully automatic with cameras and smart locks to keep Grace inside the house as she has blackouts and wanders at night. That night she almost tried to kill Amelia with a knife, but the next morning she was very embarrassed and said sorry to her.

Ending Explained

Sophia who is the housekeeper shows a note saying “I Know What Happened To Her” to the camera showing this to Amelia, but before she could tell her more she was murdered in her car.

In the end, Alex is having a party as they get a nomination for an award, but Amelia interrupts the party in between, telling them Alex is murdered and showing them a video of Alex and her daughter saying that she poisoned Grace to keep her away from the show, and Alex finally accepts that she killed Grace for knowing too much and also Sophia.

Grace was so terrified to know this but Alex was arrested by the police, later we came to know that Alex and Molly are having an affair and Amelia sees Molly who is trying to kill Grace by mixing position in her latte, Amelia told Grace not to drink that latte.

in the end, we came to know that Molly is actually the mastermind behind all this and now she wants to go away with Grace’s baby but the police arrested her and Grace hosts her new cooking show called Cooking Gracefully and the movie ends.

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