The Surrogate Scandal Movie Review: The latest Crime Thriller is now streaming on Lifetime in the English languages with English Subtitles, directed by Amanda J. Strachan the main cast includes Catherine Dyer, Luisa d’Oliveira, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3 hours written by Jane Ainscough and the movie is rated TV-PG, Here Goes The Review Of The Film.

The movie is about a mother Amelia whose daughter mysteriously went missing and she was also pregnant, later after hiring an agent she finds out that the very famous cooking show star Grace is connected with the mysterious missing of her daughter, so knowing about this she goes to her house as the nanny for her baby will she be able to find the truth and his daughter really missing or dead by now, to know this you have to watch the movie which you can watch on Lifetime.

The movie gives you a unique story that you do not usually get to see, and the performance by some stars like Catherine is great other cast is not able to justify their role in the movie, but their performance gets carried out by the main leads.

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The camera work of the movie is also very average but the direction is tight as it keeps you hooked up through the movie and the twist, in the end, is worth the wait most of us do not see it coming. The music of the movie is average but at some points, it perfectly does its job, at some points, the film feels like little slow, especially in the first half but in the second half the movie really picks up its pace and will entertain you fully.

The Surrogate Scandal
The Surrogate Scandal

Overall, the movie is a good one-time watch as it is a unique experience and the story shown is not very common among the makers, so you can give it a shot and watch it if you are a fan of Thriller Dramas you can watch this movie and also if you are not you can also watch it as this is a lifetime movie so there is not like hardcore bloodshed and murders so you can watch it.

Rating: 2.5/5

So here is my rating and review of the movie if you have watched it you can tell us your reviews in the comments and also tell us your favorite part from the movie, and stay tuned with us for more such content.



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