All The Places Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest adventure drama comedy movie, All The Places is based on the movie “25km/hr”, directed by Pitipol Ybarra and written by Adriana Pelusi, You can now stream this movie on Netflix in Both English and Spanish Language.

In this article, I am going to give you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

Gabriela(Ana Claudia Talancón) and her brother Fernando (Mauricio Ochmann) who now lives in Singapore meet after 15 years at their father’s funeral and Gabriela started fighting with him when he reached out because he is late for the funeral. But at night her brother found their very old table tennis table they used to play with 15 years ago they started playing and drinking and enjoying themselves after so long And then they find a map below the table which they made in childhood of driving across Mexico on the bike.

Gabriela’s brother says yes to the trip when he is drunk but the other day he told her that due to work he has to leave then Gabo decides that she will do the trip alone in their father’s old bike. But her brother also joins her.

They ride around Mexico on their bikes and while they were eating dinner in a restaurant they met a stranger Lalo who is there with her cousin Gabo also paid for his drink because he has no cash with him they drink there and enjoyed dancing and we also came to know that Gabo and her brother are also good at tap dancing.

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Then they take leave from them in the morning to continue their ride, in the way they meet two more strangers and they give a lift to them who take them to their camp and they spend their next time there eating their magical pills full of drugs And left from there next morning.

In the end, Fernando goes to meet his ex-wife Daniela they also have a son Ricardo Fernando tells Daniela that his dad passed away. Then they completed their ride through Mexico and while eating lunch they play a game of ping pong with some boys and gets beaten up by them due to some argument over winning the game they ended their trip by escaping from there and Fernando leaves for Singapore and after some days his son came to meet with him.

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This is the quick recap/ending explanation of the movie you can stream this movie on Netflix in English and Spanish language.



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