All The Places Movie Review: The latest Spanish Adventure Drama movie is now streaming on Netflix Directed by Pitipol Ybarra and the star cast includes Ana Claudia Talancón and Diana Bovio.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3hr written by Adriana Pelusi and the movie is rated for only 13+ ages for some scenes the movie is adapted from the movie “25 km/h” written by Oliver Ziegenbalg and directed by Markus Goller. In this article, I am going to give you a review of the movie so let’s get started.

The story is about Gabriela(Ana Claudia Talancón) and her brother Fernando (Mauricio Ochmann) who decided to go on a bike trip across Mexico after meeting with each other in their father’s funeral after 15 years, they met with lots of people in their trip and done lots of adventure what are these and will they complete their trip smoothly to know this you have to watch this movie on Netflix.

The movie’s runtime is good it is like a short heartfelt adventure comedy with a strong relationship between brother and sister who after having fights with each other will face the problem together.

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However, the performance by the supporting cast is not so good and at some point their acting and the jokes they are throwing feel like a little cringe to watch. The locations used for shooting the movie are great as we can watch different beautiful locations in Mexico and nearby.

The music of the movie is the strong point as it feels soothing to the ears but after having all of this you will feel like something is still missing through the movie and some scenes feel like there is no need for them. And the ending is predictable also the movie can be watched once if you really love these types of brother-sister relationship movies otherwise you can skip it also.

Rating: 2/5

The movie is available to watch on Netflix in Spanish(org) and English language.



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