All For Love Netflix: A new Colombian series is coming to your screens, brought to you by your favorite streaming platform Netflix. The series is called All for love and also Living to Love. Netflix is releasing the show globally under the name of All for love.


The show follows Irene, who is a lead singer in a band Los Milagros. Her life is pretty much the same until one day she meets a man Joaquin who is a mechanic by profession. He apparently arrived in the city with just his clothes which he is wearing. The two hit it off instantly. But while maintaining a relationship it sometimes gets sour between couples, the two faces similar situation but realize that they can’t live without each other.
The show focuses on their journey to build their future as well as their relationship.

The season 1 of the series would be available on Netflix from this June 2020, The show will stream from 26 June 2020.

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The official trailer for the series has not been yet released by Netflix on Youtube, it would be available anytime soon, Those who want to check the trailer can check it on Netflix site link.

All For Love Season 2

The season 1 was the series is looking great and most probably the Netflix would renew the series, if it happens most of the cast and crew would be seen again, All For The Love Season 2 is expected to release on Netflix in 2022.

The official announcement is yet to be made by Netflix and official, the post would be updated once the series got released.

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  1. This was a great movie! I forgot about my other programs and just wanted to see this one to find out what was going to happen. The love between the both showed how love can concore all obstacles. It was a great series and I can;t wait for series 2

  2. Anonymous South Africa on

    It was a great series, I was fixed on my TV screen for hours. The characters just became part of my family. I miss my family. Please do season 2. The love between jauchim and Irene is amazing, it just shows that together couples can conquer anything. I am South African and through this series I have enrolled for a Spanish course. Love your language. Awaiting patiently for season 2.

    • Hi. I’m only on episode 2 & HOOKED. I love it. It’s reality & love. Struggles of real people. PLEASE BRING SEASON 2.

    • I am in Texas and I am studying Spanish as well. All because of All for Love and Queen of Flow. Carlos Torres is a wonderful actor.

  3. Laura Burlton on

    oh i love all for love series and oh please dont make us wait in two years why cant you do it this year or next year instead of 2022. she sings so pretty. i cant wait to see irene and jacquin start it over with his family. oh well anyway i will look forward to watch second season. 🙂

  4. I loved this series so much I’m very upset that I have to wait 2 years for season 2 to come out PLEASE don’t make us wait that long

  5. Ima get depression if season 2 doesn’t come out next year because I can’t wait 2 yrs That is so much time to wait or unless that there is also gonna be a season 3 and it also come out in 2022 the same time season 2 come out

  6. Tania calleja on

    Hello i’m from Malta…amar e vivir was amazing because it’s a movie that it has action one after the other. I can’t resist too long for season2 it’s quite a long time..i loved all the actors..very nice..all.

  7. Please have a season two with the main cast. This show was way beyond my expectations and I’m not even Spanish an watch the whole series reading subtitles lol. Crying along the way. Just beautiful so please Netflix release season 2 sooner. Pay them they deserve it!!!!!!!!!

  8. i want þo realese 2021 beacuse i watch season one its great my mama waiting for seasng two beacuse we love irene, jouqin ,milagros,rodrigo,pls read my text beacuse im so exited to be miss you all for love

  9. I really liked this series of All for Love in Spanish. Here is hoping that you Please have Season 2 before 2022. That is to long of a wait. Thank you for your consideration.
    Iris Diaz

  10. Wonderful series, I absolutely love, love Carlos Torres, he is a great very credible actor in the role..especially when says …Mi amor… He will achieve many successes in his career, he has everything it takes for a lead role. What a dream boat? Can’t wait for Season Two… I am currently re-watching parts just to see Carlos Torres.

  11. I actually went searching for another series that featured “Irene” because I saw her in Laninas. Beautifully executed role. I loved her character so much but I got way more, when I got a chance to see all the wonderful actors and actresses in All for Love. One of my favorite characters in this Series is ChaCha…so sorry that she died. I would have loved to see more of ChaCha in Series Two…this series offered so much more that I expected. ChaCha’s acting was superb along with the loyalty and unconditional love she displayed for Joaquin and the emotional pain she endured for love, having to witness first hand the person you love cry for another and tell you constantly he wants to be with another. At least Joaquin was honest and did not lead her on. I wouldn’t lie, Irene, on the other hand, got me so upset most of the times but she had to be respected for pursuing the right moral standards even to her own detriment. Many times she had me wishing Joaquin would have walked away with ChaCha but ChaCha seemed to enjoy the “thug life” more, while Joaquin was more a soft-hearted “want to be thug”. I can’t forget the beautiful signing, love, love “Alexis and Irene.

  12. I just loved that series!! Became part of my life!! Acting was amazing !! The music WOW!! hope there well be a season 2 , with same Characters!!

  13. Perri - Australia on

    Loved the series. Loved Irene and Joachim. Would love to see second series very soon too long to wait until 2022. Such a wonderful story about love, family and strength to keep the family together. Gorgeous actors. Really miss it feels like they are my family. Good work Netflix in showing All for Love. Can’t wait!

  14. I loved this series, I couldn’t wait to get ho e to watch more episodes. These cast members felt like family , I can’t wait for season 2

  15. Anonymous from Canada on

    Loved both of Ana Maria’s shows, Lanina and All for Love.
    But I still call Irene, Belke.
    Anxious to see season 2, hope the Netlex will air it.

  16. I loved it. Really there MUST be a season 2. At first I thought of her as Belky. But fell in love with Irene and Joaquin and their love story. PLEASE let us know what happened during that 15 years. And when he gets out and they start their new life together💜

  17. Can’t wait for season 2 All for love with Anna Marie and Carlos torris loves the first season can’t wait for the 2nd season ❤️💕

  18. Vernice Trujillo on

    I loved the series All for Love. But I did very upset with Irene. She never showed any compassion to this beautiful husband Juaqin. I always said he should of chose Rocio. She was kind and would of understood Joaquin. I now Han hardly wait for season 2 to see how it’s going with Irene and Juaqin

  19. If you all liked “all for Love” you will love the “Queen of Flow” Carlos Torres is the main character on this series too. I love the different characters he portrays.

  20. I loved it! It was amazing! This All for Love series, it totally proves that true love does conquer everything! Hope to see season 2 soon!

  21. Bernadette Slattery on

    Absolutely fell in love with this series. I am Irish, followed the subtitles in first few episodes… after that I was almost singing and could follow their native language in Spanish and did not need to follow subtitles as the Actors stole the show. Loved every second of it ~ finished last episode tonight and feeling a little sad #hopeaseries2willhappen#💚

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