Ali Abbas Shirazi Real Image: Ali Abbas Shirazi Real Person Story Dancing on the Grave Document Series: Prime Video’s newly released original documentary series, Dancing on the Grave, is based on the bone-chilling murder case of Shakereh Khaleeli in Bengaluru.

Ali Abbas Shirazi is the nephew of Shakereh. He informed us that Shraddhananda was called to Shakereh’s house to solve real estate problems, and calling him home was a big problem. Akbar Khaleeli always worked outside, so he was not aware of what was happening at home. Ali said that, for this reason, there were relationship problems between them. However, Shakereh and Shraddhananda were completely different people.

She was honest and straightforward, but Shraddhananda was completely the opposite. After their marriage, the Shia community in Bangalore was in shock. Egoke Richmond town was in shock too. One day, Shakereh called him while she was in a car and said she wanted to talk about a very serious matter. She was crying too. But when Ali went to meet him, Swami didn’t allow him.

As of now, no information is available about Ali Abbas Shirazi. We are trying to get more info about the Character and some real-life related facts and Pictures, But there is no information available yet.

We are still looking for more information about him. This was all about Ali Abbas Shirazi in the Prime Video show Dancing on the Grave. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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