Alexander The Making Of God Shooting And Filming Locations: Netflix presents six episodic war historical documentaries “Alexander The Making Of God”. The documentary tells the story of the greatest warrior and ruler Alexander the Great who conquered empires in his 30’s age. Documentary shows him defeating the Persian king with his tactics.

Alexander the Making Of God was started in September 2022, they mostly shot the scenes in Morocco. Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa and is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The beauty of Morocco was one of the main attractions of the documentary. Their geography is unique and it suited very well for this drama. Morocco is mostly mountains which is what the documentary needed. Because the war scenes and the palace scenes were shot between mountains to show the richness in making and to reproduce the old beauty.

Some of the shots were done from America but major shots are from Morocco. For the audience, they can feel the richness in the locations they chose from Morocco. The CGI shots also matched correctly with the locations. Also for a historical series Morocco with its historical importance is the best choice they used. The archeological shots were did from Alexandria as the research is going on there.

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