How Much Is True In “Alexander: The Making of a God” Series?: Netflix presents a six-episodic documentary historical series based on the achievements of Alexander the great , king of ancient Greek kingdoms. ‘Alexander The Making Of God‘ is a depiction of modern day documentary interviews of archeological and historical researchers.

From the first episode itself, the creators showed Alexander as a gay person who didn’t have an attraction to women. But later they showed his attraction and intimacy with women, the creators showed his sexual attraction as semi-true. Some historians stated that Alexander had a relationship with Ptolemy and Hephaestion.

The makers included visuals with periodic backdrops also with modern-day interviews. The makers did detailed research on the life of Alexander and how it should be showcased on screen. With a high production values and solid writing, the show gave a chance to the world to remember Alexander, the mighty ancient king of Macedonia. Alexander was known as a living god in ancient Greek kingdoms. He conquered a wast amount of territories with a lower amount of troops.

Alexander’s emotions and visions were depicted on this documentary series. His sudden attachment with the queen of Persia was shown with a good emotion. The battles made by Alexander, his method of fighting and how he tricked the soldiers of the Persian empire were shown accurately.

In Egypt, Alexander tried to present himself as a local ruler, for example by sacrificing to the Apis bull, a ritual that the Greeks believed to be important for the Egyptians. Among the royal titles accepted by Alexander were ancient names like beloved by Amun,son of Zeus (Egypt’s supreme god) and son of Helios a solar deity).

Alexander the son of Zeus,died on 323 bc in Babylon while preparing for a campaign to Arabia. One anecdote, recorded by Arrian, tells that the king at some stage wanted to drown himself in the Euphrates so that his body would be lost and people would believe that he ascended to heaven. The story is of course untrue, but fits his general aims.

The documentary series only showed his conquering as a warrior, king and a living god. They won the great battle of Issus. He fought against Darius and conquered the great Persian Empire.

The second part to this documentary will show a more detailed explanation to everything including the death of Alexander the great. If there are anymore questions regarding this show, feel free to ask on the comment section.



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