“Berlin” Series Shooting and Filming Locations: Netflix presents an eight-episode heist thriller series, “Berlin,” currently streaming on the platform with multiple languages along with subtitles. The series revolves around Berlin and his adventures.

After the massive success of the “Money Heist” series, “Berlin” is the spinoff of this legendary series. In the “Money Heist” series, we were introduced to the character “Berlin,” who is truly special throughout the series. That’s why the makers decided on this spinoff.

We saw the whole series shot in some truly beautiful locations. So, we are really curious about the locations. Don’t worry; in this article, we are going to discuss the locations where the series has been shot.

Before discussing the locations, let’s talk about the series’ story. The series is about Berlin and his team planning to heist some million-dollar jewelry in a single night.

Most of the portions of this series have been shot in Paris. Some scenes are in France and Madrid too. We can see some scenes shot in Parisian streets. In the Parisian streets, we saw the love chemistry between Berlin and Camille. From the Seine River to the Eiffel Tower, the series beautifully portrayed the whole of Paris.

So, most of the locations are shot in Paris. Other than that, Barcelona and Madrid are also featured. In the end, this series is perfect to watch because of its beautiful locations.

The “Berlin” series is currently streaming on Netflix with multiple languages along with subtitles.


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