Curtis Biddick In “Masters of the Air”: Apple TV released the well-anticipated war historical drama “Masters of the Air”. The series tells the real-life story of the American bombing squad that fought against Germans in World War II. The struggles they faced and the tactics they used to fight against Nazis are shown throughout out the series. Created by the famous team of the Band of Brothers series with Appletv.

Curtis Biddick is one of the main characters in Masters of the Air as he is funny and has good leadership character too. Curtis Biddick is played by Barry Keoghan who is an Irish actor who is popular with his acting. He got many awards including the British Academy Film Award and was nominated for an Oscar for his acting in The Banshees of Inisherin (2022). He is one of the best talented Irish actors who does their roles seamlessly. His role in Saltburn (2023) is also a remarkable one.

Curtis is a very cool person, he meddles with everyone easily. Even though he does his job very well he doesn’t look rough all time. He jokes with teammates most of the time. After the debate with British Air Force crews, it got triggered Curtis the mocking of British on Curtis’s team members about daylight bombing. Curtis did a straight fight with a British air force guy to show their strength.

He knocked that guy easily with his fists. Curtis is strong and dedicated to his work. In episode two when his B-17 got hit, he somehow managed to safely land it on Scotland.

On the Regensburg mission, Curtis fought very well which is shown in episode three. But the enemies were attacking very fast and their crews also very less. While the mission was going Curtis’s plane got hit by German fighters. Curtis’s co-pilot Dickie get hit by Germans. While Dickie was bleeding Ewan told Curtis to leave him there so they can evacuate the plane when it’s falling.

But Curtis said he will come later as Dickie still not dead, he will try his maximum to make him alive. As Ewan went, Curtis tried to save Dickie and him by landing the plane. Unfortunately the landing was not successful and the plane crashed and blew with both of them inside it on 17th August 1943. Series showed his death in episode 3 which may be closer to what really happened.

That’s all about the character of Curtis. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section


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