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Akuma Kun Episode 6 : Recap, Summary and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 6 : Ichiro again senses a demon nail on an island. He and Mephisto go there; the demon nail was nailed in a stone statue. The police came there, and they suddenly see the body of a lady called Carmelita. Ichiro and Mephisto didn’t notice the body; the police suspect them, but they ran off from that place.

Mephisto tells Ichiro to solve this murder and win those people’s hearts. They go to Carmelita’s mom’s bar. Mephisto explains to Carmelita’s mother, Adelina, that their father solved a demon case on this island. They just want to help her find the killer. Adelina resists at first, then she agrees to them.

Ichiro and Mephisto see the police interview on Carmelita’s murder. They see a police officer with a promise ring, and Carmelita also had a promise ring on her finger. Which clearly explains that the policeman and Carmelita were a couple. Ichiro asks Gremory to spy on the policeman.

She follows him and finds out that he summoned a demon and contracted with him. Gremory exposes herself to the policeman, and fearing of getting caught, he shoots himself. The police see the body and guess everything. The policeman killed Carmelita with a demon and killed himself.

Ichiro then goes to the place where the policeman did the summon. Strophaia tells him that the police removed the summoning symbol, and he then projects a reflection of the policeman. We find out Carmelita was having an affair with the mayor to win the modeling award on their island. He finds out about this and summons a demon to kill the mayor, but he doesn’t forgive Carmelita. That’s why the demon killed her.

Mephisto was in the bar with Adelina. Adelina became very emotional talking about Carmelita and tries to kill herself. Mephisto stops her from killing herself, and suddenly Adelina turns into a demon. Adelina tells that she knew about Carmelita having an affair with the mayor; she asks Carmelita to stop it. Carmelita doesn’t listen to her, so she killed Carmelita.

The policeman wishes to kill Carmelita by the demon, then the demon possesses Adelina and uses her rage to kill Carmelita. The demon tries to kill Mephisto, but Adelina stops it and leaves Mephisto behind the bar. Adelina then burns down the whole bar with herself.

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