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Akuma Kun Episode 1 : Recap, Summary and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 1: Netflix is coming with back-to-back Anime shows and the new Anime series Akuma Kun is now streaming on Netflix and it is being loved by audiences worldwide. Here goes the Episode 1 Recap and ending Explanation of the show.

The anime series follows Ichiro Umoregi, a genius boy who is knowledgeable about demons. He aims to create a world where everyone can live happily and operates the Millennium Research Institute, where he encounters a mysterious case. He attempts to solve it with the help of Mephisto III.

In Episode 1, Mephisto and Ichiro meet Hina Asanagi, a university student whose two friends mysteriously died on the same day at different locations.

Not only did Hina’s friends die, but also many other students on that same day and time. This quickly grabs Ichiro’s attention. He and Mephisto go to Hina’s house, where Ichiro senses a demon in Hina’s room. He gives Hina a Warding Symbol to protect herself.

Ichiro pinpoints the locations of the deceased individuals on a map, forming a pentagon. Pentagons are typically created to protect something in the middle. Hina explains that one of her friends, Ichika, lives in the center of the pentagon.

She informs him that Ichika is part of a club, and there are rumors about the club engaging in shady activities. Ichiro investigates and discovers that all the victims were also members of the same club as Ichika, and the rumors were true. They were researching evil entities and may have even summoned them.

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Ichiro, Mephisto, and Hina go to Ichika’s house. Ichika has locked herself in her room for a couple of days and refuses to come out. As Mephisto opens the door, Ichika gets possessed by a demon, which begins to attack them.


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