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Akuma Kun Episode 3 : Recap, Summary and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 3 : Akuma Kun episode three starts with us seeing Ichiro talking to his dad, Shingo. Shigo Umoregi was the first Akuma Kun, then he gave his title to his son Ichiro. Ichiro is emotionless but a genius. Ichiro runs the Millenarianism Research Institute where he solves bizarre cases on demons.

Later on, we see Ichiro and Mephisto the third getting a big client. Tobayama is a rich man who desires to eat Satan’s meat. He tasted almost every meat and got bored by it, now he wants to eat Satan’s meat and can do anything for it. He wants Ichiro to summon Satan; Tobayama will do the contract with Satan. He can give anything to Satan; he killed her waitress to show that he can go to any level.

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Mephisto was against it, so Tobayama sent him to the dungeon. Before Ichiro, there are a lot of people who came to summon the devil but failed, so Tobayama fused them and made them a Demon.

Mephisto runs from the demon, while Ichiro agrees to summon the Satan as it was a very interesting stuff. No one had yet summoned Satan, so Ichiro thought it was challenging and difficult. He created a sigil using his brain. Mephisto escapes from that dungeon; The Demon takes Tobayama as it was hungry. Mephisto then tells Ichiro not to summon Satan as he defeated Tobayama.

Ichiro didn’t listen to him and summoned Satan. The summon was unsuccessful. Satan didn’t come from it; then they see the waitress who died earlier. Turns out Satan was already there before they summoned him. Satan takes the heart of Tobayama. Satan explained that Tobayama was greedy; his heart was full of greed. That’s why he came there.

Ichiro and Mephisto start attacking him, but it didn’t even give him a scratch. Satan then tells Ichiro that he is also greedy; he is greedy for knowledge. That’s why he tries to summon him and nearly got himself killed. He tells Ichiro that someday he is going to eat his heart. Ichiro and Mephisto ran from that castle and saved themselves.

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Mephisto slaps Ichiro and asks him to make noodles every day for him. The episode ends with Ichiro making noodles for Mephisto, Mio, and Sanae. Sanae is actually the owners of the property where the Millenarianism Research Institute is situated. Mio is the only child of Sanae, and aside from house renting, Sanae also owns a cinema theatre.



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