Akuma Kun Episode 2: In episode one, Ichiro and Mephisto investigate the case involving Hina, leading them to Ichika, a friend of Hina. They go to Ichika’s home where they get attacked by a demon. A mysterious person appears there, turning out to be Ichiro’s father.

Shingo arrives there and helps them. Shingo is Ichiro’s father. Ichika was possessed by a shadow, not an actual demon. Ichiro’s relationship with Shingo is very bad, but still, Shingo cares about him. Ichika then gets admitted to a hospital, and Ichiro gives Hina the warding symbol to pass on to Ichika. The warding symbol will protect Ichika from demons, and Hina also has one.

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Ichika keeps the warding symbol away, causing some demons to attack her. Her body is full of cuts and scratches. Mephisto tells this to Ichiro, but Ichiro isn’t very sad about it or feeling guilty. Mephisto doesn’t like his behavior and goes to his home.

Mephisto also has parents; his father was Mephisto II, and he is Mephisto III. He tells them about Ichiro’s emotionless and cocky behavior. Ichiro was raised by a demon, and due to it, he is emotionless.

Ichiro goes to Hina’s house at night and orders her mother to give him some hotcakes. Hina’s dad isn’t happy about it as it is late at night. It isn’t the first time Ichiro has gone to Hina’s home, as he went there when she asked for their help. Ichiro tells Hina that he will surely find the demon and put it back in the demon realm. Hina’s parents get angry about it and suddenly turn into demons. They start attacking Ichiro, and Hina is shocked by seeing this and becomes unconscious.

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Ichiro makes a symbol to summon Mephisto. The symbol can teleport Mephisto from wherever he is. Mephisto is shocked to see them and starts charging his weapon to attack them. Ichiro tells Mephisto to help him take Hina to her room. The two save themselves and take Hina to the room. Hina’s mom follows them, but they soon lock the door.

Why Is Hina’s Mom a Demon?

Hina’s mom isn’t a demon; she is a contractor. Hina’s mom and dad are historians who know a lot about demonology. Hina’s mom did a contract with a demon, and the demon is the reason why Hina’s friends died.

Hina Asanagi Akuma Kun Explained

As Ichiro explains more about Hina’s mom’s contract with the demon, he tells that Hina actually died somehow. Her mom couldn’t believe it, so she did a contract with a demon to take the place of her daughter. The demon takes the personality of Hina, who was very soft and protective. Hina’s personality oppresses the demon, and it loses control of Hina. Hina is the demon who killed her friends and also attacked Ichika.

What Happened to Hina?

Ichiro removes the warding symbol from Hina’s hand, and her body becomes dust. We then see the demon Gluttony, who possessed the body of Hina. Ichiro also sends her to the demon realm.

Why Did Hina Kill Her Friends?

Hina has two personalities; one is simple and humble, and the other is a psycho who is obsessed with Ichika. There is a hint in the anime where we see in the flashback memory of Hina’s mom, where Hina was dragging something, which I think is a body. Later on, after the police come to the house, they find a body in the basement. Her mom is shocked to see this and accidentally kills Hina.

Hina is actually obsessed with Ichika. She thought of her as a best friend. But she soon joins the club, and it might have put an end to their relationship as Ichika started talking with club people. Hina then killed those club members. But her other personality thought something fishy about it, so she goes to Ichiro.

Ichiro and Mephisto completely solve the case, and now they move towards a new bizarre case.

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