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Akuma Kun Episode 7: Recap, Summary and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 7: We are covering the Episode Wise recap of the new Anime series ‘Akuma Kun’ and here goes the full summary, recap, and explanation of Episode 7 of the show.

Akuma Kun Episode 7 “Human” Recap

Demura is a politician who wants to do good things for other people. Demura gets a call from his secretary Iino. Iino blackmails Demura by showing him a tattoo photo which is on Demura’s shoulder. Iino asks for more money from Demura, and Demura can’t give him money as the money is meant for use in public service. Iino insulted his father and him for thinking of helping people. Demura got angry by this and transformed into a demon.

Demura strangled Iino on the spot and killed him. After some days, Ichiro and Mephisto came to Demura’s office looking for Iino. Iino had asked Ichiro and Mephisto to investigate a demon-worshipping organization that no longer exists.

Iino shared with them the shoulder tattoo of Demura. While they were talking, Demura’s workers informed them that Iino had been found dead. Ichiro, Mephisto, and Demura went to the hotel where he died.

The police officer knew about Ichiro and Mephisto; he also worked with them. The officers showed them the CCTV footage. In the footage, we see Demura leaving the hotel; after some minutes, the room service went to the room to pick up plates. The next day, Iino left his room and went to the hotel cafe, where he ordered a crepe (sweet dish). It was the last time anyone saw Iino. Ichiro and Mephisto went to Iino’s room and saw some injections used by allergic persons. Iino was allergic to buckwheat and seafood.

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Ichiro and Mephisto went to the hotel cafe, where Mephisto told Ichiro about why Iino shared that photo. Ichiro told Mephisto that the photo was of Demura; when Mephisto pulled the photos in the lobby, Demura slightly moved his shoulder like he had something to hide. According to Ichiro, that demon-worshipping organization might have created a demon of their own. But due to changes in power, the organization didn’t last long and stopped. Mephisto tried to order a crepe but was shocked to see there was no crepe dish in the cafe menu.

Gremory went to Demura’s office and blackmailed him. She asked him to give her a job, or she would reveal the truth of Iino’s death. Demura got angry and killed Gremory, just like Iino. Ichiro saw everything, and Gremory also wasn’t dead, as she is a demon.

Demura felt guilty for doing this and told them that the demon-worshipping organization abandoned him, and his dad adopted him. Demura wanted to become human, so his father told him that he could become human by helping other humans.

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Ichiro told Demura that if he is a real human, then he should accept human law and surrender himself. Demura’s workers told him that they would continue working and complete his dream.



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