Easily Adipurush Is One Of The Biggest Movies Of This Year Trailer Released Today On YouTube Before One Day Of Release Trailer Was Leaked On Many Social Media Platforms Like Telegram and Twitter. The trailer launch taken place In Mumbai PVR Dynamix Juhu With All Of The Cast Saif Ali khan wasn’t able to join the Cast And Crew At The Trailer Launch Audiences Went Crazy During The Trailer Launch.

The Great Thing About The Trailer That It Broke Many Records On YouTube It’s Been Just Less Than 24 Hours And The Trailer Is Having More Than 40M Views On YouTube In Just Hindi Language Only. The VFX Improvised Was Really Good Hope Adipurush Gets A Good Theatrical Run.

After Watching The Trailer It Wasn’t Looking Like A 700cr Budget Movie 700cr Is a Very Big amount For A Budget Of A Movie.

The Trailer Broke Records Like Pathaan Trailer, KGF Trailer And Many More The Trailer Is Gaining Likes At A Very High Speed. The trailer has croosed more than 25 Million Views in Hindi Belts and around 1 Million Plus like which is again a record.



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