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Adhura Episode 2: Recap and Ending Explained

Adhura Episode 2 Amazon Prime Video: Episode 2 of the show starts with Adhiraj swimming in the water, and there he once again gets his past memories and hallucinations back. He feels that his old friend Ninad is calling him. In the next sequence, we see Supriya talking with Vedant again, and they discuss their good and bad memories.

Supriya then asks Vedant about the puppy-killing incident, but Vedant says he remembers nothing. Vedant asks Supriya if he is a psychopath, and Supriya says no. Then we see the past of Adi and how Adi and Ninad meet each other.

Supriya brings Vedant to the assembly hall where the reunion speech is about to happen. In the assembly hall, Malvika and Adi talk about their past, and Adhiraj asks about Ninad, but Malvika says she has no idea about him.

Adi is then invited by the dean to give a speech. While Adi is giving his speech, Vedant stands up and goes to the stage. He says, “Adi, you are back,” and then he faints down on the stage with blood in his nose. Adi is shocked to hear the voice of Ninad in Vedant’s body.

The story then goes back into the past, where we see Ninad being tortured by his friends, and Adi saves him again. The batch of 2007 students gather again, and there we see Suyash and Nancy having an ego tussle issue. Adi also learns that Malvika broke up with him because of Dev. Nancy asks Suyash to leave, as she was getting bored, and Suyash tries calling her but receives no response.

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Adi then talks with Vedant and tells him the story of Shadow Boy (which was written by Ninad). Vedant listens to the story carefully, and then everyone goes to sleep. In the last few minutes of the episode, we see someone has placed the same Black Shadow Magazine in Adi’s room. In another room, we see Suyash being attacked by a shadow-like structure. We also see Vedant waking up and staring at Supriya. The episode ends here.

Episode 2 was full of fun, thrills, and excitement. The episodes are going well, and now all eyes are on the upcoming episodes. One thing is clear that Adi also has some dark past related to Ninad, and he is certainly hiding something. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the next episode.

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