Aashram Season/Part 2 Release Date: Directed by Prakash Jha, Boby Deol starer Aashram the last episode ends nowhere, the case is still on, the climax is yet to be revealed and makers announced that everything would happen in part 2 of season 1, here in the post we are going to tell you about the season 2 or part release date, cast and other things about the series.

Part 2 or Season 2

The one thing was cleared by the makers that, season 1 does not end yet, Part 2 of the series is yet to come, so make it clear that Part 2 of season 1 is going to release on Mx Player, not a brand new season.

Part 2 Release Date

The part 2 of Mx Player Original Aashram is expected to release in October 2020, although makers haven’t announced any official date yet, we can expect the series’s part 2 in October 2020. The shooting of the part is completed.


Part 2 of the series is going to be an end for the series I think, we would get to see more thrill, more crime, and more bold scenes in part 2 of the season 1, the glimpse of part 2 was attached with the season 1.

Are you excited for the part 2 of the Aashram season 1? did you liked the web series? , please let us know your opinion in the comment section, for more posts like this, stay tuned with us.


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  1. Yes I liked very much ashram season 1 because it’s totally based on fraud baby’s and people want to know about them.

  2. Good series …but 9 episodes duration is quite long …..it seems to be very slow for getting to main point of series

  3. I hope🙏🙏 after this web series lots of people will be aware
    who are manipulating by these show called baba’s … thanks pjp .. and jha sir .. you always making amazing things for viewers 🙏

    • what do you think about Mualanas also? Give your bold opinion. Open up on this. Hindus, at large are always big hearted and accepts what going on, yes there are issues with people getting blindfolded with these cheaters.

      Fathers and Maulanas also found manipulating innocent people across communities. For the better society advocate all religious GURUS, not everyone across the religious fraternity needed to be exposed.

  4. Fabulous web series and hands off to bobby deol and his other comakers actors and actresses brilliant waiting for second season of part 1

  5. when i watched web series i for for got everything and i continuously watched 9 episode . i am so exciting for part 2 and i hope that it will release soon with in2 weeks

  6. whole story is about asaram and ram rahim , due to these people ,legal and good asrams affected!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good WOrk of actors and director!

  7. Thanks for exposing such a idiot and fraud BABAs by this web series, hop part 2 is coming soon, eagerly waited for part 2

  8. Really bohot hi shandar kaam kiya is series ko banane me aur achha kaam kiya har ek actar ne so i am waiting for part 2 Show so plz mx player aap bhot bhot jald isko release kardo

  9. Ye ek acchi web series hai fraud baba se aware bhi karti hai. Lekin hamesha har movie, har serial me hindu dharm ka hi mazak kyo banate ho, kya muslim sikkh aur christian dharm me fraud baba nahi hai.

    Aur agar banate hi ho to kabhi ram krishan paramhans, vivekanand, nim karauli baba, swami ramsukhdas ji ke sacche jeevan par bhi banao kucch.

  10. Part 1 is just an introduction. I believe series should be completed in a single part or producer should release part 1 and part 2 all together.

    • Ashram movie achi hai magar aisi movie sirp hindu santa devi devtao ke uppar Q
      Or bi dharmoke uppar banya ja sakta hai hamesha hinduo ke uppar Q

  11. Excellent story based on true episodes in Haryana. Commendable acting by Deol, Bopaswami, Pammi and almost everyone else. Music, direction, all first class.

    Waiting for season 2 .

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