Alexander The Making of a God Review: Netflix presents another documentary historical mini-series in six episodes. The documentary is about Alexander the Great, and his evolution as the greatest ruler of all time. The documentary shows Alexander at a young age taking revenge on his father’s death and becoming king of Persia.

This time Netflix took a different approach by mixing documentary with drama. It is not fully documentary type nor it is not fully a drama. Netflix did a mix of both. The series explains the ancient information about Alexander and the story related to this also in the next scene they show us the dramatic visuals made with a great team.

So when the researchers give us info about Alexander we get to see a visual of what happened in a dramatic way. They recreated the story and added the documentary things to connect the history with the audience. Episodes are very minimal in six with above 35-47 minutes of runtime. The episode moves very fast as the runtime is less.

The main positive about the series is the cast, especially Buck Braithwaite who played as Alexander and Mido Hamada who played Darius. All the cast did their best to portray the history as it is. But these two were very good at their roles. As Alexander, we can see that charm and rage in Buck Braithwaite. As Darius, we can see that stronger face on first then the sadness of a king who lost everything in the face of Mido Hamada. Their exceptional acting did make an impact on viewers.

As a viewer who doesn’t know about Alexander’s greatness or his history than his name only it gave me a new experience. The visuals used are minimal. We don’t see many fights among them as they have not gone deeper with it. The graphics were not that great but it’s not that bad to watch, with minimal space and budget they did what they could.

We can see some good shots when showing Alexander’s portions. The cinematography did a good job showing the war scenes.

If you like a documentary series with a dramatic mix of scenes that shows the research element also the visuals of recreated drama, this series is good for a watch. They didn’t go deeper to Alexander’s story, but for people who don’t know about Alexander, this might shed a light to his historical importance and greatness.

As a viewer who doesn’t know much about Alexander, i liked the series as the real story is very engaging and they made it very neatly. There is no high moments or very low moments, it’s just we can get a basic history knowledge about Alexander with this series. I rate 2 out of 5 for this documentary.

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