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Lost Bullet 2 Ending Explained – Did Julia Quit Police Force? | Netflix

Lost Bullet, a riveting sequel to the 2020 Action Thriller has been released on Netflix and follows Lino after the events of the first film as he forms a new narcotics unit with Julia to catch and hunt the murderers of his brother and mentor.

The film starts with Lino hell-bent on taking revenge against the corrupt cops Areski & Marco who are responsible for murdering their mentor in an attempt to cover up their involvement with the drug mafia. He becomes aware of the fact that Areski has fled leaving everything behind.

Before Lino could question Marco about the same, he’s informed that even Marco has fled but Lino suspects that it wouldn’t have happened without assistance from someone else and Lino starts to follow Areski’s wife who Areski had left behind when he fled. He’s confronted by his wife that he should stop following them because there’s surety of Areski not returning but Lino keeps the watch and finds out suspicious men lurking around her house and saves Stella, Areski’s wife from those men and finds out that those men were hired by Areski to reach out to Stella.

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In time, Lino comes to know the fact that both Marco & Areski are now wanted in Spain for allowing drugs to cross the border and after receiving an anonymous tip, Lino finds out that Moss, Charras’s boss had kept Marco in hiding all this time. Deciding not to kill Marco and dragging him to the Police Station for questioning, Lino finds out that the real culprit is the head of Narcotics who is using Lino to get rid of Marco.

No one can touch the head of Narcotics because there’s not enough evidence and without Areski, the case isn’t strong enough. Lino becomes enraged when he learns that Marco is being released from custody for exposing three corrupt Police Officers and kidnaps Marco.

Lino, after losing trust in his government turns to the Spanish Government and goes to the Spanish border to give Marco to the Spanish government but realizes that Reisz, the head of Narcotics is after Marco and sends men to kill him which puts Alvaro, the Spanish officer, and Marco.

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After Marco flees inside a police car with Lino handcuffed, they get into an accident, and then Lino takes Marco to a nearby house where Lino is stabbed by Marco in that combat, Julia arrives and shoots Marco which she regrets but to save her, Lino shoots Marco again and kills him.

In the end, Julia is summoned to the Police Station where she’s told that she failed her mission and everything will be pinned on Lino when the Spanish Police are done with him and after realizing the deceit going on, she decides to quit the Police Force.


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