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Johnny Dead Or Alive ?- Monica, O My Darling Ending Explained | – Netflix

Monica, O My Darling Explained: Netflix original Film Monica, Oh My Darling Starring Raj Kumar Rao, Huma Qureshi, and Radhika Apte in the lead roles released today on the Platform, The film is a Drak Crime thriller and I Just finished watching the film.

Just like every second thriller film these days, the ending of the film is not clear and if you are here it means you are confused about the ending of the film, Now here we are going to explain the Ending of the film.

Before you move ahead, Please note that there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the film yet, Please Go and watch the film first and then start reading because there are spoilers and it will ruin the thrill of the film.

In the last sequence of the film, When the Murder mystery was solved and Johny was declared innocent by the Police, Johny starts looking for the Murder Agreement of Monica which was signed between Arvind, Johny, and Nishi. First Johny visit Gaurav’s Place where he found nothing then, he go to Angola, the Village of Gaurav and while searching in the House, he found that agreement in a secret Box, When he was burning that agreement to destory the Evidence, Two snakes comes out from the same Boxes and the film ends with a Dark Light here,

Now the question is, Is Johny Dead? Well, films nowadays are having Open endings like we had seen in the case of Andhadhun, Ludo, and more, These films also have open ending and it all now depends upon the audience that how they think of it, Here are two of our theories and if you have any other, Please drop that too, if you find that suitable we will add it to Our post with you name,

The First Theory;

Johny is Alive; Johny is Not dead and he is alive, we had seen this in the Past that Johny Knows how to tackle the Snakes and he did the same here, He stayed there calmly, and like before, those snakes may have gone away from there without Harming him and thus Johny is Alive.

The other theory, if we look at the ending with ‘Karma’ from and Scientific Prospective, Johny is Dead as he deserves to die after all his mess and he cheated on his love too, If we go through the scientific theories, Snakes follow the Heat and warm and Johny was having a Burning Paper in his Hand and by that logic, two of those snakes may bite him and he id dead.


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