Wolf Pack Episode 5 Recap: Wolf Pack is an American supernatural mystery thriller teen crime drama series created by Jeff Davis that is based on Edo Van Belkom’s 2004 novel of the same name. The series follows the story of four teenagers who discover they are connected to a pack and can share their power.

While this episode is quite interesting and covers more details about werewolves and how they are all connected, whereas the wolf always tries to protect them from the pack, and more, in this article I am attempting to break down every detail of episode 5 as well as the ending explanation, which should clear up any doubts.

Recap & Summary

Episode 5, titled “Incendiary,” begins with the flashback scene where we discover how Harlan learns his hearing power with the help of Garrett; while training in the woods, he hears the voice of a wolf, and to protect himself from the wolf, he hides inside a cave, and the flashback ends. In contrast, the scene shifts to exactly where episode 4 ends, with her brother being attacked.

After that, they discovered that this wolf was protecting them from the people who tried to hurt them, just as they protected his pack. While discussing, Everett receives an unknown, which he receives while he is in the hospital, whereas the voice call tells them in the form of a metaphor, where he tells them about Lycaon, who is the king of Arcadia, and how Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf after he tried to feed him human flesh.

During that, the unknown user tells them that the werewolf kills one person every night, and then, he sends the location of the next victim. To save them, all four move to that location, but sadly, they are unable to save her. After that, they plan to stop the wolf pack by working together as a team, as they already know that they can share their power with each other.

The scene shifts to Everett learning the location of the next attack, which will take place at Tia’s house, where she is throwing a small party, and then the game goes inside the party to find the victim, where everyone is having fun and Everett and Blake are having fun together, where she shares her secret and Everett tells his feelings for her and they kiss.

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On the other side, Ramsey, Jang, and Garrett are discussing the fire in a tower, where everything looks clear. Garrett believes that they set the fire using two drones at the same time, whereas Ramsey believes that the teenagers are involved in causing the fire, and she finds Cyrus as her main suspect, whereas Jang gets the search warrant and goes with Garrett.

Ending Explained

At the party, we see that Phoeba again starts bullying Blake, but Harlan helps her, and Austin plays the scene where Phoeba is telling bad things to Blake, where she got angry and threw Austin’s phone in the pool, and Austin jumps to take it, where he sees a wolf, and he hurryingly comes out of the pool, and everyone sees that, and they lock the house gate and move inside to save themselves.

Whereas, at last, we see that Ramsey is at the building to check the locked door, where the guard brings the key, where they find lots of dead bodies, where Ramsey kills the guard and leaves him in that door, and the episode ends, whereas I think that Ramsey is the one who is behind all this and more details that we will see in the coming episode, which is interesting to see.

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Let me know in the comment box how much you liked this episode and whether you are excited about its release. This episode is quite interesting and gives some cliffhangers, which I am excited to see in the next episode.


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