The latest Korean Romantic Drama is now available to stream in the English language the first episode is 70 minutes long in this article I am going to give you a recap/review of the episode so let’s get started.

The series starts with Woo-ju and Yoon Joon having a meal together and talking here we came to know that they are completely different from each other yet alike at the same time, after meeting him Woo-ju left for her house she lives with her two siblings a younger brother and an older sister, they are living happily together.

We see a family photo in their house but the face of their father is covered, when Woo-ju was 17 her father cheated on her mother and ran away leaving a scar on her face. However, her father is dead now and she is invited in his funeral.

Cut to Dong-jin whose company is not doing good and they also lost a bid recently and soon their company will go bankrupt, this is because of their rival company whose head is Mr. Shin. On the other hand, Woo-ju arrives at her father’s funeral and she was there to take her revenge, but the house his father was living in was not in his name and his current wife was asked to leave from there within a week.

No one is giving a loan to Dong-jin as his company is in a big loss then he goes to his mother to ask for money and the plot twist his mother is the current wife of Woo-ju’s dad so they are technically siblings.

Dong-jin in a meeting with all the members of his company tells them this time he is not going to bid for any exhibition rather he will conduct an exhibition so that his rivals cannot make him lose. Later when Dong-Jin and the co-founder of the company are having lunch he reminds Dong-Jin of his ex-girlfriend and how they love going camping together and asked him why they break up but Dong-Jin refused to tell him that.

Woo-Ju’s elder sister Hey Song works in a bank, in the bank, the woman started pulling her hair and beating her because she is dating her husband and Hey Song tells that she doesn’t know that he is married.

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Woo-Ju was working in Dong-Jin’s company for a week now, Woo-Ju finds out that his step-mother sold their house and gives all the money to Dong-Jin to save his company, she follows Dong-Jin to his flat when checking his emails in the mail-box Dong-Jin Caught her and Confronts her that’s where the episode ends.

The series is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar with English Subtitles, hope you like the recap of the episode and stay tuned for more content like this.



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