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Why Are People Getting Killed? Sick Movie

Why Are People Getting Killed?: Peacock Original and another Blumhouse Production titled “SICK” has been released on the streaming platform telling the story of a time quite familiar to us and infusing it with the slasher genre.

Directed by John Hyams, the film stars Gideon Adlon, Bethlehem Million along with other stars and tells the story of murders happening during the time when everyone was issued stay-at-home orders, yep the time when COVID was rampaging throughout the world like wildfire.

However, what makes us the question is the motive behind these killings. Why would someone go on such killing sprees during a time when all we needed is to pray for better times? Well, here’s the answer for you

What’s The Motive Behind These Killings?

It all started from an Instagram Video where Parker was recorded while kissing a guy named Benji. Now, what happened is Parker had gone to a party lauded as the “End Of The World Party”. As we all know, during COVID’s rampage, everyone dealt with this in their own way, and some in more foolish ways than others.

People in their 20s kept going to parties like it was the end of the world keeping all the COVID protocols aside. Now, Parker went to the party and kissed Benji on camera and that party turned out to be a superspreader event where a lot of people got COVID. Benji one of them got COVID and died alone in a hospital bed.

His parents, Pamela and Jason find out what had happened and trace it back to Parker who was the person who infected that party and in turn infect Benji.

Pamela and Jason trace it back to Tyler Murphy who gave COVID to Parker and also kill him as we see in the beginning of the film. Now, Parker did not show any symptoms and when Pamela and Jason catch her on the highway, they test her and find that she’s positive for COVID but is asymptomatic.

Parker was the one who infected the party which caused their son to die alone in a hospital, they wanted to get revenge on people who were supposed to be responsible and wore masks and followed the guidelines and that’s the motive for them to kill Tyler and Pamela.



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