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Sick Movie Ending Explained: Do Parker And Miri Die?

Sick Movie Ending Explained: Peacock Original and another Blumhouse Production titled “SICK” has been released on the streaming platform telling the story of a time quite familiar to us and infusing it with the slasher genre.

Directed by John Hyams, the film stars Gideon Adlon, Bethlehem Million along with other stars and tells the story of murders happening during the time when everyone was issued stay-at-home orders, yep the time when COVID was rampaging throughout the world like wildfire.

However, with the characters confined into a limited space, there might be questions arising about whether they make it out alive or not. Well, we’re here for you to answer that.

Do Parker And Miri Make It Out Alive?

Parker takes Miri to her family Lake House which is on a big property there’s not a trace of any human for about 4 miles and that too, you’d have to go around the lake. Now, what happens is that an intruder comes inside the home who has been stalking and creeping out Parker with her texts all day which started right from the moment they entered the Lake House. After Parker’s love interest, DJ arrives in the house and is the first one to identify that there’s someone else in the house.

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In an attempt to get Miri out of the house to Parker and run away, DJ dies at the hands of the intruder. Parker and Miri try to run away but the tires of their truck had been slashed by the intruder already. However, Parker was able to bludgeon the head of the intruder only to find out that there were actually two intruders.

After Miri falls from the top of the house to the ground breaking her leg, Parker asks her to play dead and she runs to the lake swimming to the other side to ask for help but the intruder kills their neighbor as well. Parker ends up on the road asking for help when she does find someone who turns out to be an accomplice to the intruders.

It all comes down to the showdown between Parker and Miri against the two intruders and the two of them push one of the intruders from the first floor on top of a stag head and burn the other one and come out of this whole thing alive.



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