Fubar Episode 2: Much awaited Netflix original show FUBUR is now streaming on Netflix with 8 Episodes. The show is receiving Mix responses from the audiences. We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show and here goes the Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explanation of Fubur.

The show stars Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke in the main lead roles. The show also stars Aparna Brielle Playing the role of Tina, Fabiana Udenio as Tally Brunner, along with Fortune Feimster as Roo, and Travis Van Winkle Playing Aldon. Here Goes the Recap of Episode 2.

The second episode of the show starts with the sequence where episode 1 ended. We get to see that Emma and her team are surrounded by the men of “Boro.” Luke reveals that he killed Boro’s father while they were talking. Luke’s team arrives with a helicopter and they start firing at Boro’s men. Luke and his daughter are rescued from there safely.

When Luke and his team reach the headquarters, they are given another task. This time, they have to kill or capture Boro. A team is constituted to catch Boro, consisting of Luke, Emma, Berry, and two others. Initially, Luke refuses to work with his daughter, but later they both agree on that.

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In the meeting room, the CIA team discusses the need to tackle Boro as he is planning something big. Boro also fakes his death, but Emma confirms that it is just part of the plan. Emma, her mother, and her boyfriend are having dinner when Luke comes to the house, and here we get to see some funny conversations between families.

CIA is now working with NSA to apprehend Boro, and they come to know that Cain Khan, the right-hand man of Boro, is in Kagzkistan and they are planning to loot a train to make a new Nukebox. Luke and Emma, dressed as common men, also enter the train.

Boro’s men bring a helicopter, and they start pulling the nuclear submarine waste with them. Luke increases the speed of the train, and they finally manage to get rid of the chopper. However, in the meantime, the speed of the train becomes almost doubled and it is now out of control. The train engineer claims that the train will crash with the depot in the city, and everyone on the train and in the city will die due to this crash.

Episode 2 ends here, and now it will be interesting to see if Luke and Emma manage to control the train or not.



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