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Who Is Kidnapper, ‘Papa’ & Killer In ‘Dear Child (Liebes Kind)’: Netflix’s original newly released series ‘Dear Child’ is now streaming on Netflix with 6 Episodes. The show is a Global release and now streaming in Hindi, English, and many other languages along with subtitles. Here goes the recap and ending explained of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts with an accident that took place on a deserted road. A woman was hit by an unknown car, and she was taken to the hospital along with her daughter. According to the daughter, Hannah, the name of that lady is Leena. When the police start looking for the missing girl named Leena, they find a match, and her parents are informed. However, when her parents see her, they claim that she is not their Leena; she is someone else. Further, we learn that Hannah says that Leena’s father is her grandfather, and then Episode 1 ends.

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Episode 2 of the show starts with Leena’s parents showing a childhood image of Leena that looks exactly like Hannah. They also say that the scars on Leena’s body are similar to her childhood, but the face is completely different. Gerd (The CBI officer) goes to Leena’s room to get more information, but Leena has a seizure outbreak. In another frame, we see Hannah’s brother, Jonathan, cleaning the blood on the floor, and we also see a body lying on the floor.

Hannah claims that she had met her grandparents (Matthias and Karin), but Leena’s parents refute the claim. Gerd asks Leena (who is in the hospital) about the Leena they are looking for. Gerd tells how Leena went missing after a party, and even after the investigation, nothing happened.

On the other hand, the search team and Aida are searching for some evidence at the accident spot, and with the help of a dog, they reach a military area that is restricted to the general public. When the officers enter the military area, one of the officers gets injured due to a landmine blast, and Episode 2 ends here.

At the beginning of Episode 4, we see that Gerd and Aida find a skull of a body. On the other hand, Jasmine reaches her home. Upon DNA checks, it is revealed that the skull is not Leena’s. Now, Gerd and Aida start a fresh investigation of the case and begin looking for missing persons in nearby areas. Jasmine finds ration bags in which the same hair color and chocolate are present (given by the kidnapper). On the other hand, we see that the nurse who was taking care of Hannah is found dead at her apartment.

Gerd reaches Jasmine’s house to verify the identity of the kidnapper, as Gerd has a new picture of him after facial reconstruction from a computer. Upon looking at the picture, Jasmine is shocked to see that the man in the picture is not the kidnapper but the man who hit and saved Jasmine in the accident.

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Upon further investigation at the spot, the police find the body of a woman who resembles Leena and Jasmine. Later, we learn that Leena’s ex-boyfriend, Florian, is the real father of Hannah, and now it is confirmed that Leena is Hannah’s daughter. Florian refuses to accept Hannah. Gerd returns to Jasmine’s house and there he sees hidden cameras installed, but he says nothing.

Matthias (Leena’s father) brings Hannah to his home, and Karin (Leena’s mother) goes to childcare to meet Jonathan. We further learn the backstory of how Jasmine hit the kidnapper on the head and ran away from there. In the final episode, we see the image of the real kidnapper, and we also learn that Hannah is with him. Jasmine receives a text from the kidnapper to meet, and she agrees. She leaves her house from the back door, and Gerd follows her.

On the other hand, Aida shows the picture of Rogner (the owner of the security company who was taking care of that military area), and Jonathan says that the man in the picture looks like his father, who is too old. Aida confirms that it is Lars Ronger who is behind all these kidnappings and killings.

Next, we see that Jasmine, Hannah, and Rogner are in a van, and they are going together. Jasmine says that she needs to pee, and then she goes to a deserted place and attacks Rogner, killing him. Gerd also arrives there, and when he asks about Leena, Rogner says that he had buried her in the garden, and the series ends here.

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Who Is Killer, Kidnapper, and ‘Papa’?

So, the first question is: Who is Papa, aka, who is the kidnapper or killer in the series? ‘Lars Ronger’ is the kidnapper, killer, and ‘Papa’ in the series. He was the son of Rogner, who owns the security company that looks after that military base where Jasmine, Hannah, and Jonathan were kept.

Many of you may ask a question: How did Leena die, or who killed Leena? Well, Leena died due to a medical emergency. She and her baby suddenly got a fever, and Rogner didn’t call a doctor for them. Thus, Leena died due to a fever and a medical emergency. If you watch the last episode closely, you will also see that Hannah mentions this, and she doesn’t want to lose her new mother like her old mother.


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