“Who is Erin Carter” is a recently released Netflix mystery crime thriller limited drama series which is available to stream on Netflix with 8 episodes in English and Hindi languages. The trailer was quite intriguing, but the IMDb rating stands at 6.4/10. This will be considered average because there was no such hype for “Who Is Erin Carter.”

Now, talking about the second season:

“Who is Erin Carter” definitely deserves to be watched at least once, but the thing is, there won’t be a second season for “Who Is Erin Carter.” The show is completed in one season only. Moreover, this is a limited Netflix show, so that is also affecting season 2. Netflix doesn’t renew their limited shows, so don’t expect another season from Netflix for “Who Is Erin Carter.” If something comes up, we’ll definitely update you.

The cast of the show includes Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale, Denise Gough, Douglas Henshall, Indica Watson, Pep Ambros, Susannah Fielding, and Charlotte Vega in prominent roles.


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