Bloodhounds Ending Explained: The season finale is here. In this article, we are going to explain the ending of the last episode of the latest Netflix K-drama. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

The last episode ends with Myeong-gil discovering that the hard disk has been destroyed and he also knows who is behind it. He sends his thugs to find them. Woo-jin and Gun-woo still don’t know the location of the gold stored in a container. So, what will happen in this episode? Let’s find out.

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Jae-Min is an officer at a police station, and Myeong-gil asks him to find information about Mr. Oh. He discovers where Mr. Oh is living by checking his credit card history, and Myeong-gil’s men kidnap him from there.

The Ending

They receive a call from Beom, informing them that they have kidnapped Mr. Oh. Beom also sends them a video showing Mr. Oh lying unconscious on the floor. The boys start searching for Mr. Oh’s location with the help of Do-min’s computer. They find out that Myeong-gil is planning to flee the country with all the money and gold he has stolen from President Choi.

They discover that he is taking the route he learned from his former client, Kim Jun-Min. So, the boys approach Kim Jun-Min to learn more about this route and find out that Myeong-gil is heading to Vietnam. They rush to the ship that is about to leave, and they manage to catch Myeong-Gil. Now, they finally face each other, and after a fight, the boys successfully rescue Mr. Oh and avenge President Choi’s death.

What Happened To Gold?

After Myeong-gil is arrested, they finally learn where he has kept all his gold and stolen money. The money is first offered to the boys, but they refuse to take it as Gun-woo had previously decided not to treat his facial scar. Gun-woo donates all the money to Hong, who promises him that he will open a hospital with the money, fulfilling President Choi’s dream.

However, they insist on keeping some gold to live the rest of their lives peacefully. The series ends with both of them living their ordinary lives again. Gun-woo reunites with his mother, and the series concludes.



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