Viscount Tewksbury Enola Holmes 2: Viscount Tewksbury is a very crucial character from the Netflix original film Enola Holmes which was released last week, the film is trending Globally and is being loved by audiences worldwide.

As many of you were asking about the Real Name and the Name of the actor behind the role Viscount Tewksbury, here are all the details about the same.

Viscount Tewksbury is a rabble-rousing member of Parliament whose character is played by the actor Viscount Tewksbury. Viscount basically had a love connection with Enola, and when it came to any matter involving Enola, he was always there to help her at any cost, and he also took an interest in the political issues that happened in the parliament. Viscount Tewksbury is best known for his roles in Paddington 2, Pistol, The Lost Girls, and more.

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