Vilgefortz of Roggeveen is a negative character in this series. Due to popular demand, we are going to discuss the character explanation and the actor who played him.

The character Vilgefortz is portrayed by Mahesh Jadu, a 40-year-old Australian actor. His filmography includes movies like “The Furnace” (2020), “The Lovers” (2013), and “Three Summers” (2017), and he has also appeared in the Indian film “Sorry Bhai!” (2008). Apart from “The Witcher,” he was part of the series “Marco Polo” (2014-2016).

Vilgefortz is one of the mysterious sorcerers introduced in Season 1, and his true intentions are revealed in this season. He manipulates Tissaia for his own purposes and wants to destroy the whole brotherhood. To achieve this, he hires Nilfgaard Armies to attack Aretuza. Furthermore, he conducts experiments on young girls to make them clones of Ciri. Although his true purpose is not entirely clear, he is shown to be aligned with Emperor Emhyr and might be planning something ominous for the upcoming season.

Hope you have a clear idea about Vilgefortz of Roggeveen. If not, feel free to ask anything in the comment section.


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