Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Episode 2 Recap, Summary: Season 2 of the popular historical drama series Vikings: Valhalla, created by Jeb Stuart, is now streaming on Netflix. It follows the story 100 years after the events of the popular series “Vikings” and also serves as a prequel to this series.

In this article, I will recap Season 2, Episode 2 as well as explain the ending. If you find that you are missing something, then after reading this article, you will completely understand all the details.


Season 2, Episode 2 of Vikings: Valhalla begins exactly where Episode 1 ends, after the battle between Olaf and the man who helped Freydis with the fireball. After that, we see Olaf start interrogating a man about the Jomsvikings and where they live, and after getting information, he tells Svein to kill this man.

On the other side, we see that Freydis is moving to Josmsborg, where she is welcomed by the people. We see Jorundr, who is the leader of Josmsborg, and then we also see Gudrid, who is the mother of Jorundr. Later, we see that Freydis is training with other people, and Gudrid finds that she is pregnant as Freydis tries to protect her belly, and then we see that Freydis is now doing the ritual in the temple in other ways.

After the worship, we see that more refugees arrive in Jomsburg, where they are asked to give up their weapons so that there won’t be any fear about the refugees. Jorundr tells Freydis that the refugees live peacefully in the nearby forest.

On the other side, we see that Leif and Harald arrive in Novgorod, where Leif goes directly to meet with his uncle Yaroslav but is stopped by guards. Later, we see fights going on there and Go gets everyone’s attention. He fights with the people, and then Yaroslave recognizes him and welcomes him for food. Then we see him ask for assistance, knowing he already has a favor with him, but he refuses and tells him to reverse himself.

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After all this, Harald decided to earn money and buy some fur for the people, and during a fight, a man named Lord Vitomir is impressed by him and offers him a large amount of money, which is approximately 2000 coins, and he agrees to go to work. On the other side, we see that Queen Aelfgifu and Olaf are having dinner together, and we tell her that he is still in fear because his brother wants to be king of Norway.

Ending Explained: What’s Harald’s Plan?

In the end, we see Freydis dressed in beautiful traditional white cloth and a group of women singing a traditional song in which Freydis assures everyone that they are safe and happy in Uppsala, as this is their first time there. Whereas In London, Godwin tortures the man who tries to kill the queen, but he doesn’t say anything.

The scene shifts, and we see that Leif continues to see Liv and follows her to an opium den, where he wants to try the drug, which helps him feel the dead man near. Then he takes the drug, and we discover that he hears Liv’s voice, which leads him to the top of a building, where she tells him to come to Valhalla, but he sees something and falls on the top of the building in the cold, and the episode ends.

This is a proper recap, along with all the details you want and need to know about Episode 2 of Season 2. I hope you find your missing details. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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