Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ep 1 Recap: Netflix recently released season 2 of the popular historical action drama series, which was created by Jeb Stuart. The story is set 100 years after the events of the Vikings series, whereas this story follows the story to the end of the Vikings’ age.

In this article, I am going to recap along with the ending explanation to show that if you miss something, you will understand everything, which you must check in this article.


The Season 2 Episode 1 story begins exactly where Season 1 ended, with Olaf’s brother fighting and asking about Olaf, where he discovers that he has been kidnapped by Forkbeard, and then he begins following the trail of Olaf.

On the other hand, we see Freydis and Harald are 200 miles away from Kattegat, where we learn that Freydis is pregnant and Harald wishes to usurp Forkbeard’s throne, where he tells her to come with him and live together.

On the other side, the scene shifts to London, where we see that Godwin tells Emma that King Canute has already won two battles in Denmark, and where Emma tells Godwin about the security, where we find that during worship someone wants to poison Emma, but Godwin finds out, and the man escapes, but later he is caught and sent to prison for questioning.

Whereas, in Kattegat, Forkbeard visits Olaf in prison and tells him that he is going to Norway, where he tells Olaf to take care of his grandson Svein as he is now the king of Norway and he has to protect him at any cost as his son is under arrest with Forkbeard and he will protect him if he protects his grandson, whereas Forkbeard tells the Queen to stay in Kattegat along with her son and her son.

Before leaving, Forkbeard announces his grandson as the king of Norway as he is leaving for battle, whereas Olaf is announced as his protector, and after that, Olaf announces that if you kill his brother and all Christians, he will offer lots of money to whoever brings him dead. We see that Leif is in the crowd and finds out that they are going to kill Freydis and Harald.

After that, while Freydis was leaving with Harald, someone recognized Freydis as the keeper of the faith, but she refused. Then you see that the people who are about to kill Freydis and Harald are saved by Leif from the Katelet army, and Olaf and Svein go looking for the Christians and begin screaming again.

Ending Explained: is Freydis the people’s destiny?

After that, we see that the three meet, but we find that Leif is completely changed. Harald tells him that they should head to Novgorod, where they will meet his uncle, who is king there, and he already tells him that he will help him anytime.

But, in the scene, we find that a man from Kattegat named Jorundr comes and tells him to help them, where Freydis sees a mark that represents “The Web of Fate,” and she completely believes in him.

We see that they follow him, where we see that Freydis is helping people, where she sits with Harald and tells him that she must follow the people’s destiny. And then, Freydis joins her people to help them and tells them that Harald will meet with his uncle, and Leif will help him during the journey.

Finally, we see Olaf find them and attack them, but they are protected by the man who saved them with the fireballs and saves them, and the episode ends with Freydis leaving with her people and Harald joining Leif and going to meet his uncle.

This is all about season 2, episode 1 details, which you must find interesting. Please let me know how much you like this show in the comment box.



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